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Jadeite & Feng Shui

The highest quality of jadeite jade seen in the jade trade is mainly from Burma (now Myanmar). Jadeite jade started to gain popularity in China in the Qing Dynasty, which is less than 200 years ago. People from that historical period started to adore jadeite for its extraordinary and lively bright green colours as well as other vivid colours such as purple, yellow and brownish red. Since then China has imported jadeite jade from deposits in Burma for craftsmanship and trades.


“Seldom does a gem material have only one source and one market. However, at the pinnacle of jadeite pricing, only Burmese jadeite is considered by the trade to have great value.” Fred Ward – Jade (Gem Book Publishers)


For centuries, jade has been a symbol of status, spirituality and health. Known as "玉"(Yu), which means 'heavenly' or 'imperial', it is considered to be the imperial gem in Chinese culture. Other than its brilliance and cultural significance, jadeite was widely used in the application of Imperial Feng Shui. Imperial Feng Shui is an art that originated from ancient China. It was historically reserved for royalties. Today, Imperial Feng Shui remains a highly respected and exclusive class of Feng Shui.


The goal is to balance one’s Qi (Energy) - one of the most basic principles focuses on the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Jadeite has been known to bring happiness, health and good fortune to its wearer. It is also used as a form of protection against negative energy. 


The auspiciousness and healing energy from the jadeite help us achieve balance and harmony among the five elements in our destiny chart - the key to achieving good luck. Upon achieving the balance and harmony of five elements by wearing carefully prescribed jadeite, it brings balance to one's destiny chart - this helps one achieve success as his or her luck cycle harmonises seamlessly with heaven and earth. 

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